Outdoor Sign in Rustoleum Glitter Paint (Silver)

Here is the last glitter paint project!
See the other frames here and here.
It's not quite finished. I have it painted but I want to add our address numbers for an outdoor sign.
So for right now, it's hanging out with the rest of the frames.


I found this at Goodwill and thought it would make a great sign with house numbers on it. 
I painted it gray from Behr with glitter highlights from Rustoleum.
Now that I painted it, I love it.



Here they are all together

Again, it's hard to see the details of the glitter but in person, it is an awesome paint.
Rustoleum carries the silver, gold and iridescent. 
Hopefully, I will get the house numbers fastened on soon and place it outside.

Thanks for stopping by!
What would you paint with Glitter?

In case you are interested here are a couple of places to find it.

It will add another depth to your projects!


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  1. Cheryl that is one gorgeous piece. Was it a headboard before?


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