It's all about Me

We  bought our house from my mother in law back in 89'.

Since we couldn't afford much at the time, I filled it with yard sale/thrift store finds. That is how my love of fixing up things started. I didn't start yard sales until we had a baby sitter that introduced me to the wonderful yard sale experience, lol. I have never turned back. 

My style is yard sale chic. Whatever I can find for free and fix up to make it look good! I just took a quiz on 'What's your style' and the answer was French Country, lol. Just like I said, yard sale chic :0)

I am in the midst of redoing things in this old house. There is a lot of things I like about it and a few things I hate. Our downstairs bathroom is one of them. 

Another fact is I can never turn down a free piece of anything. Yes, my husband hates that. And because of this fact, every room in our house is at capacity!

Hope you will find something interesting here that catches your eye and maybe some inspiration.

I appreciate each and every one of you. Have a wonderful day!


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