Before and After Grandfather Clock

Hey everyone. I hope this finds you safe and well.
Last year I pulled out several pieces of furniture and decided to clean and paint all of them. Well at least get a coat of primer on. 

I have been working on and off with this grandfather clock. 
Remember these??
All brown, some gold, and no character!!
At the time I painted it, I wasn't sure where to go with it but now I am done and want to show you!

Here is the before.

Putting on the primer. Spraying is the way to go!!

I painted this clock with a gray primer/paint. I have used this paint in my kitchen and daughter's room and loved it.
I took out all the innards beforehand.
It sat for most of the year and then I started working on it again. 
I didn't know what I wanted to do with it.

I decided to add some molds to the front.
They are made from paper clay.
This is where I got mine from Jamirayvintage.
Click on IOD and I think it is the Lock & Key mold and there is another one I used but do not remember the name.

I painted them white before I added them to the clock. Just let them dry for a bit before you glue them on. 

I added a transfer to the inside middle of the clock, also from IOD.

Then I painted the rim of the doors, top and bottom door, in Waterlilly by DIY paint. You can see some of it here and below.

I also painted the very top and whatever that middle piece on the top is called along with the spindle looking things white!
As you can see I put another transfer on the inside top where the numbers go!

I also painted the pendulum because I did not like the brown and gold. 
However this seems to add a problem of it working, so I need to figure that part out.

Last but not least, I stenciled some designs from Jami Ray Vintage onto the sides of the clock.

I love how it turned out, do you?

Tell me in the comments what you have been catching up on!!
Thank you for stopping by!

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