Sunday, April 29, 2018

Awesome Farmhouse Sign

Can you be in love with a sign, lol!!

I love, love, love this sign.

I first saw in on Sweet Pickin's FB page and wanted to make it.

It has taken months and months to start it but a couple of weekends ago I started it and finished it.

It is a HUGE sign.

Want to see it, I thought so, lol.

Isn't it awesome?! Love it! Not sure I am conveying it enough lol.

I'm not sure if I am in love with the sign or if it is because I made it myself, haha.

Don't care for the gold chain but that is what I had at the time and I may be putting it a little higher. It is hanging from the ceiling because behind the ship lap is cement and half of our house is buried in earth and my husband was afraid it would leak.

We have issues with this wall and hopefully have fixed the problem but will not know until the next heavy and long rain.

Anyway, you are here for the sign, Yay!!

First I bought the Farmhouse stencil from Sweet pickins here. It is a huge stencil so it will be a huge sign. Go big or go home, lol.

I bought here milk paint in Pantry Door here, the sample size for the frame around the sign.

You can get her DIY Farmhouse sign tutorial on how to build this sign here. And the list of things you will need.

3 - 1x6 cheap pine boards
 She stains her boards but I did have black paint and I mixed it with water until I was happy with it.

1 board with the black paint.

 In the picture above is after I painted it with the watered down black paint and then wiped it off.

All 3 boards painted with the black paint wash

Then let it dry and sprayed on a shellac which later I realized it should have been lacquer but oh well. It turned out, haha. 

Starting to add the white paint I had. I had left over paint from Behr that was used on our kitchen cabinets so that is what I used.

I let the white paint dry and then began sanding it in different places to get the black paint to show through,

I don't own a kreg jig so I just attached 1x1's to the back of the 3 boards with a nail gun I just bought. Boy do they make short work of things, love it!!

This is what it looked like after I scuffed it up a bit and put the boards together.

Then I painted the frame in Pantry Door from Sweet Pickins here in the sample size that I bought. I have not used milk paint in a long time, actually only once before this about 30 years ago and I hated it. This product is wonderful and I love how she explains things so you know what is going on.

Pantry Door/Sweet Pickins

I took pics of the process of putting it together but can't find them /:(

Take one of the white painted boards and apply a thin layer of wood glue the line up one of the pantry door frame boards and nail it to the white board, making sure you have a lip on the front of the sign. Do this all the way around until you have all 4 sides done.

I don't have a pic of the rub on transfer either but it was so easy to work with. Sweet pickins sends everything you need.

She also shows you in the tutorial how to do this.

This is the time you put your transfer onto your white boards. It takes time and patience but well worth it.
Apply transfer after your paint is dry

Some eye candy!! Please don't mind my unfinished wall, it's a work in progress as I have to many things I am working on right now!

I am totally amazed that I finished this project, lol.

Thank you for stopping by!

Hope you loved the sign, what are you all up to this weekend?

Have a great week!

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  1. Cheryl your sign turned out gorgeous! The addition of the green border makes the actual sign pop!


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