Small Egg Carton Project

I'm so excited!! This little project turned out so awesome.
You know those ceramic egg holders you see in the stores and see on blogs!?
I wanted to see if I could make one! 
Not ceramic of coarse, lol.
It is probably cheaper to buy one but I had an empty carton so I thought I would try it.
To start out with, you will need an egg carton.

My carton held 18 eggs and I cut it down to hold 6 eggs. You can make it the size you want but because  I usually never have more than six eggs, this was a good size for me.
Mine was similar to this one. 

Cut the lid off and then cut however many holes you will want.

Here is mine.

I used the color Mint Chip from DIY Paint. Then sealed it with Big Top from Sweet Pickins.
I sealed it on both sides with about 3 coats. I will not be able to stick it in water but will be able to clean it out with a cloth in about 30 days.
Just a little project that was fun!

Let me know what you think!
Would you do this?
Have an awesome day friends!!

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