Mission Impossible

I have been working on emptying two storage sheds full of awesome  stuff. I made a promise to my husband and to myself that I would have both empty by Christmas, if not sooner. Talk about mission impossible!! You know how you get to something and you say to yourself you can't possibly get rid of this certain thing because "yada yada yada?? Yeah, that's me, lol!

So this is what I started with and this is not a real good interpretation of what there was. Imagine if you will, completely full top to bottom and to the door that you open to get to the stuff, x 2. I think this picture is after the first run.

Exactly 29 days later of actioning off things on facebook (locally) and making trips to Goodwill, this is where I am at!!

Storage #1

 Storage #2

Yes, it took me only 29 days, less than a month, to empty these to storage sheds that were jam packed full of awesome stuff. I made over $800 not counting the write offs I get from Goodwill at tax time. Husband is still in shock. Yes, I still kept some things and I have saved everything of my daughters until she claims it but I am not paying for storage any longer and we did not buy a storage shed. Yay me!! It went mission impossible to possible and made me feel great. 

So now that everything is more manageable, this is what I am working on.

Picked this tall stool up years ago. One of the things I couldn't let go and couldn't sell (nobody wanted) so it's my first project since I emptied the storage sheds. Come back later to see it!!
As always, thanks for stopping by. 

Do you have 1 to many storage sheds??

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