Play room to craft room to remake of craft room.......Whew

This room used to be my daughters playroom when she was much younger. Years ago I turned it into a craft room. Instead of painting over the pictures I painted for her (Little Mermaid), I just added my stuff to the room. Well, my craft room has turned into a crap room and free for all. I decided when I added the desk turned hutch, that I would organize. And that is exactly what I did. Care to look?
I actually enjoy coming in here now.

 Walking into the room
 To the left

 Looking from where I came in.
Closet area.
This is not a big room and the mess that was in here was much worse then you see now. I am still in the process of painting the green cabinet to match the rest of the pieces that are staying in this room.
Want to see the after???
 Looking in from the door way.
 To the left.
 I haven't hung the curtains up yet. Looking for some nice rods.
 The carpet that was down here were just remnants from years ago. Took it out.
 Stuff in the closet is everything I need to scrapbook.
 How do you like the barbie hanger on the door? I use it for my scrap-booking.
Curtains need to be hung. Rods bought. The Map on the ceiling needs to be taken down. The hutch painted, and area rug added and a lamp shade. This floor is the original, lol. with paint.
Well, what do you think? Still need to go through things but at least I know where things are.....well...sort of, lol.
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