Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I cannot believe it peoples......

This year we put up our Christmas Tree Tuesday, Nov. 29 and today we decorated our outdoor tree!!
That is a first in history for me.
AND to top that off.........I have all of the Christmas presents that need to be sent off, wrapped and on the way to the post office tomorrow.
Haha, sorry, so excited that it's done and I have to pinch myself because I still can't believe it!

This year we decided to go with an artificial tree we found at Home depot. Even my husband loved it, who is not a fan of the fake variety, lol.
It is from Martha Stewart Living. See it here. And we got it on sale, which is even better.
I was having my doubts when first opening the box but after working it over I like it.

Sorry, pic from my phone and not a good one.
Still need to decorate and clean up around the tree but I am a month ahead of schedule, hehe.

And the outside tree.

How fun and it is hard to believe I wasn't looking forward to this holiday season! Now if I could just get Santa to deliver my daughter here for Christmas *sigh*.

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