Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rusty Metal Box

Hello Friends,
It's almost Friday!!
Do you ever feel there is not enough time in the day?
I have been working on several projects, trying to get them done all at once, which we know never works out, lol.

Before I start in on the one project I did finish, I want to talk a little about the new year.

It's my hope that if there are other people out there like me that we can encourage each other!

That said, in December I decided to go see my doctor because my husbands health insurance was about to change and we weren't sure it would be a good change. I take 10 different medications! Not something I'm happy about but I have let me health get away from me and I have been trying to get it back slowly.

A couple of years ago, I weighed almost 300lbs. I found a diet that worked for me and took about 50 of those pounds off.

So back to December. Had tests run and Doc comes in and says "Cheryl, if you don't change your habits you are going to have a heart attack and soon and I will not see you if you don't change"!
It was an eye opener! I never knew that if you don't follow your doc's advice they will drop you and not see you again and no other doctor will pick you up either. If your insurance doesn't pay because you are not following your docs advice then doctors will drop you or not pick you up because they don't get paid!

So she handed me a nutritional chart and said follow it! It was at that moment I knew I had to change or suffer the consequences! First thing I did was study the chart and started eating like it showed how to do. Next, I found out that half the medication I take would no longer be covered buy the insurance company. My husband takes a couple for diabetes and those would not be covered either. All of the medications that would  not be covered were two house payments. I don't work, my husband works 1 job so that meant we had to choose our medication or our house.

I cut myself off of 4 medications instantly (I don't recommend this) and so far it is working for me. I also take what I call my happy pill and I am slowly cutting that off but it has to be slow because I get real dizzy not taking it! Love all the side affects to counter what you need.

Anyway, I am down under 230 and still going! My problem is portion control and I'm not going to lie, I have good days and bad. This week is bad, especially since I have cut my "mood" pills back. So I ask for your prayers and hope that someone will get something out of this. I will keep you posted on how I am doing, what I eat and the meds I am cutting out of my life.

I feel better these days and have tons more energy but then some days I just don't want to do anything.

I have been trying to clean out my mess of hoarding, lol. 

So this is what I finished recently.

A very rusty metal box!
When my neighbors moved out, they left several things for me if I wanted them. This little box weighs a ton, had cigarettes in it and was very rusty.

I don't have a pic of just the cigarette's in it, lol, didn't think you would want to see that.

After cleaning it with TSP and dawn soap and letting it dry for a few days I put Peel Stop made by Zinsser. It's a clear binding sealer.

Let it dry.
Added 3 coats.
This is the inside of the box. (top pic)

The lid and the outside all received the same treatment.
Let it dry.

At this point I could no longer smell the cigarettes!! Yay!!

Paint inside the box and lid. First I used Chalk paint from Rustolem and the the color is Burnished Clay by Behr, paint and primer.

Stenciled a simple design on. (I am not good at stencils)
Sealed the whole piece on the outside with Peel stop so the rust wouldn't continue to come off.

Added scrap book paper to the bottom. Put elmers glue on the bottom and stuck the paper on,
Worked out the air bubbles, let dry and add a water based polycrylic protective finish to the whole inside of the box and paper. Let dry. Enjoy!

Also stenciled No. 2 on the top! 

Now I added to the other tool box that holds my tools and what nots in it! 

No more smell and pretty and chippy. All love!!

Just trying to finish up this project next.

And this one.

What are you working on?
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Wow Cheryl, you should give yourself a huge pat on the back for that 70 lb loss! I can imagine how hearing that your doctor would drop you as a patient would be a big motivator. That is scary! Glad to see you blogging again.

    1. Thanks Marie, very hard but one step at a time! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Cheryl good luck on your weight loss plan. I could also use a nudge in the right direction because my numbers on the scale are going up rapidly. All this sitting in front of the computer is doing me no good. Your boxes look really great. So bright and pretty on the inside and we are not even expecting that when we see the rustic goodness outside.

    1. Thanks Mary, it's always hard to change a bad habit, lol. I know what you mean, I am always sitting in front of the computer too!


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