Thursday, January 22, 2015

I AM SOOOO EXCITED..........know why?
Liz, a Community Manager at Hometalk contacted me a couple of days ago and liked my storage idea for wine. YAY!!!!!  She wanted to see if I'd like to curate the clipboard on wine storage, how fun...If you haven't heard of Hometalk, then you need to head over there.. like RIGHT NOW.  
Hometalk is your home and garden how-to community. It's a place you can search for ideas (there are tons of ideas on Hometalk, seriously), get inspired by others ideas, ask questions if you need help with a project (Hometalk people are awesome and have tons of ideas), clip ideas to your clipboard for when you need them later (they make it so easy) and post your own projects (which I have done). It's a wonderful site, very helpful and filled with inspiration. Go check it out if you haven't yet, because you will love it!! Just click on the link below for some awesome wine storage ideas or if you just want to browse!
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