Friday, January 15, 2016

iOS 9.2’s Secret Feature

I'm so excited to share this with all of you!! I own a Apple iphone (no that's not the exciting part, lol). If you own one you know that there are certain apps that Apple won't let you take off your phone, and for me, that sucks! I personally don't care for having apps on my phone that I will not use and that takes up space.......sooooo, today I learned that you can take those pesky apps off.. for good, Goodbye!! 

If you are running the iOS 9.2 and want to get rid of their default apps, you can do it now, and if you deleted one (or several) by accident and you decided that you didn't want to delete them after all, you can reverse it by restarting your phone. *Haven't tried that yet* How cool is that!!

So if you didn't know about this, here is a link to walk you through it! It is super easy, just skip down to where the steps start and watch the video, OR you may have heard it already and I am the one who has been in the dark!! Either way, I am happy to say good bye to those useless apps. YAY!!! Kicked them down the app highway.

Did you know about this feature on the Apple iphone or is it new to you too?
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