Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family!!
Tons of pics ahead, you've been warned!!

 I love the simple look of these holiday roses...

 They were given to my by the Mr. when he found out he had good health news to share!
Sweet how he shared his good news the way he did!!
Speaking of sweet....
 Doesn't this Baklava look good... and it was!! I need to make some more since the Mr. took most to work.
Don't you just love the bag in the background?! It was for geese decoys but I took those out and washed it and filled it with those plastic shopping bags you get from stores.

 I'm so happy to say my daughter is here to visit for Christmas. This is the wreath I made for her bedroom.

 And a few smellies on her dresser.
 The little Christmas tree I found at GW. Here it is all decorated and in her room.
 A little tree that I bought from one of my bloggin buddies. It's in the bathroom!

 I'm a collector of Santa's and there are two in the bathroom this year on the antique sideboard!

 I made this garland years ago, my sister gave me this old suitcase last year that someone was going to throw away. There are two, the one you see is the small one and the big one underneath it!
Love them, thanks sis!
 Made the JOY sign this week to string up here, turned out pretty good.
 Guess this is not quite Christmasy but I loved making it and decided to put it here. Just some sheer curtain I cut up (same as I used on the angel wings) and leftover material. Added snowflake garland to it and ta da!

 A Christmas bear figurine that I turned into a tassel!!

The tree skirt Mom made for us years ago. I love it and she crossed stitched a bear onto it. 
Our Christmas tree this year! We have had the lights on for about two weeks, just waiting for our beautiful daughter to come home and add the decorations.

My two old doors as a back drop to the tree!
Some decorations that are on the tree now.

We have no place for stockings so this year they are on the coat rack! I'm sure Santa will find them.

The little tree in my daughter's room.

And the last tree I made out of a tomato cage. Isn't it cute!! And I made the star out of hangers and material!! The following pictures are the star!
 Just use ends of wire hangers, hot glue until it is the shape of a star, then add material or lace to both sides and a stick, then insert in your tree top!

 And the Mr.
Merry Christmas to all! Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to stop by!

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    1. I don't know why this was removed, I'm sorry Cindy! I know you liked the pictures and wished us a Merry Christmas.
      Thank you and I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas too!!


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